Partial List of Resources for Nevada Specific Exam

The following is a partial list of references used to compile the questions for the Nevada Specific Exam. Other resources may be found on the internet that provide similar background material. If the link does not connect, please, copy and paste into your browser.

Concrete Problems with Desert Soils” by Dr. D.A. Devitt and R.L. Morris, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension & “Invasive Weed Identification for Nevada” by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Publication SP 03-09

Clark County Development Code-Title 30, City of Las Vegas Development Code- Title 19A, City of Henderson Development Code-Title 19, City of North Las Vegas Development Code-Title 17

Southern Nevada Guide-Tree Selection & Care

City of Las Vegas Development Code-Title 19A

Urban Horticulture Institute- Using CU-Structural Soil in the Urban Environment

Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, Regional Plant List, pgs. 1-2

“Landscape Architecture Graphic Standards” by Leonard J. Hopper, RLA FASLA, Wiley Graphic Standards, Page 650 Soil Volume Calculations & Page 647 Issues for Soil Modification

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