Renewal of Registration for Registered Landscape Architects-in-Training

Applications and Fees

Credit card payment must be remitted at time of renewal application submission.

License Fee Schedule

Annual Renewal Fee   $ 50.00
Delinquency Fee (per 1 year)   $ 100.00
Reinstatement Fee   $ 400.00

Renewal Information

The Nevada State Board of Landscape Architecture Registration expires each year on June 30th. Please review the online renewal and correct any inaccurate information, so that our database can be updated with your most current information.

Prior to beginning the renewal application please ensure you have any documentation for any "yes" answers to the legal questions. The documents will be required to be uploaded.

Renewals received after June 30th are subject to a delinquency fee, your status will not be updated until all fees are paid. If you were granted initial registration and paid your registration fees after July of the previous year, you are entitled to pay a reduced Annual Renewal Fee. Please contact the Board to determine the amount due if this situation applies to you.

Licensure Renewal Card

Once you have submitted your renewal you may go to the website and print an updated licensure renewal card for your records. The card will reflect the updated expiration date.
Please note If you answered yes to any of the legal questions your expiration date will not be updated until all of the documentation has been reviewed by the board office.

Licensure Verifications

The roster will be updated now real time on the Landscape Architecture’s website. You may go online and verify your licensure status and information anytime by visiting the Verifications page.

Board Meetings

The Board holds quarterly meetings and encourages input from all registrants. Please check the web site for exact dates, times and locations. Agendas and meeting minutes are also posted on the web site for your review. Your Nevada State Board of Landscape Architecture is in place to serve you, the Registered Landscape Architect. Please direct all questions and concerns to our e-mail address at


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