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Complaints concerning fee disputes and billing procedures are usually not within the Board's jurisdiction. Please review the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 623A.290 and the Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 623A.505 which are enforced by the Board to ensure that you provide sufficient information and to ensure that the allegations are within a law of the Board's jurisdiction. You may call (775) 530-4602 to request to speak to someone in the Enforcement Department. The filing of this complaint does not prohibit the respondent from filing a civil action. Your Interest in upholding the laws of the state of Nevada is most appreciated.

Please Note: Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the matter within (30) thirty-days to determine whether allegations described in the complaint are within the Board's jurisdiction.

Please provide all requested information in the form.

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Please enter the certificate number of the Respondent. If you need to verify the number you may visit the board's Verifications page.

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