About the Board


The Mission of the Nevada State Board of Landscape Architecture is to protect the public health, safety and welfare by:

  • Ensuring that those entering the professional practice and using the title of Landscape Architecture meet standards of competency by means of education, examination and experience;
  • Establishing standards of practice for those licensed to practice;
  • Requiring anyone practicing or offering to practice Landscape Architecture be a holder of a Certificate of Registration and continue to maintain professional competence;
  • Enforcing the laws, rules and standards governing the practice of Landscape Architecture in The State of Nevada in a fair, expeditious and consistent manner.


    • Certificate of Registration holding individuals provide quality services in The State of Nevada.
    • Certificate of Registration holders possess the knowledge, skills and abilities that enable them to meet the needs of their clients, the public and their communities.
    • Certificate of Registration holders are competent in their respective areas of practice and adhere to standards of ethical professional conduct.
    • Certificate of Registration holders have access to statutes, rules, regulations and professional standards necessary to remain current.
    • The Board maintains an active interest in building relationships with all stakeholders – regulated professionals, public officials and members of the general public.
    • The Board utilizes communication tools to increase overall awareness of two of its principle functions:
      • Educating the Board’s stakeholders as to the critical role of licensure in protecting the public;
      • Enforcing The State of Nevada’s laws governing professional licensure.
    • The Board’s work protects the public health, safety, and welfare.
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